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1200 - 1400 Kč
Golden Platinum Platinum plus

An old legend says that far away in the African jungle is a lost and long forgotten city. There is a treasure of incalculable value hidden in this city, and many experienced treasure lost their limbs and even their lives in search of it. Can you pass through the intricate puzzles that the ancient creators built to protect their city, and find the treasure?

Linear game (tasks can only be performed in the specified order) with an emphasis on the storyline.
If you don’t want to simply open locks, but you are interested in how the story will progress, or if you like to use small hints located in the story – then this game is exactly for you!

The game requires no special clothing or equipment. Team spirit and enthusiasm for the game are important.

The team will be locked into the room. The task is to get out of the room in 60 minutes. It’s seemingly simple, but there are plenty of logical puzzles, mysteries and tasks to solve. The room will test the team’s ability to cooperate, think about tasks and understand the connections. Above all, you will experience a great adventure.

The game is an improved reboot of Lost City by Locksmith Escape. Compared to the original game, you can expect about 40% new tasks, new scenery, a new soundtrack and a completely new story.

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